“Heat” Prequel Novel Set For Next Year

Heat Prequel Novel Still Set For Next Year

A few years back came word that filmmaker Michael Mann would be revisiting the world of “Heat” with a prequel novel that he was going to co-write with New York Times bestselling author Reed Farrel Coleman. Later, Mann himself suggested in an interview that the book could serve as both a prequel and sequel.

Now, Coleman has appeared on the critically acclaimed “One Heat Minute” podcast to discuss the novel. Whilst promoting that appearance on Twitter, Mann himself has confirmed that Harper Collins will publish the book next year.

Previously it was reported that the book would follow the “formative years of homicide detective Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino), Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro), Chris Shihirles (Val Kilmer), McCauley’s accomplice Nate (Jon Voight), and other characters”. Speaking to One Heat Minute mastermind Blake Howard, Coleman teases:

“We [he and Mann] both envisioned that, just as a prequel – if you know how everything is going to end up…what would be the interest in watching it?. So, all you have to think about is who is left alive at the end of ‘Heat’? Where do they go? What do they do? And is there foreshadowing there.”

Coleman also spoke about his and Mann’s differing approaches to the material and teased an exciting potential possibility about the new book: “Do I think he wants to make this into a movie? You bet your ass. And I bet you, I want him to do it more than he wants to do it.”

Mann himself is slated to appear on the podcast for its final episode which goes to air this Saturday on oneheatminute.com.