“Heat: Director’s Cut” Hits Blu May 9th

More so than pretty much anyone bar George Lucas, Michael Mann is a filmmaker who likes to keep tinkering with his works, and now one of his most famous is getting some touch ups.

Fox Home Entertainment has announced the “Heat: Director’s Definitive Edition” for release in the United States on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD on May 9th. Boasting a new 4K remaster (though oddly no 4K UHD release), it’s unclear if there’s further minor alterations to the theatrical cut Mann made for this version beyond the two well-known dialogue tweaks.

The disc release will include the video of the full Q&A with Mann, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino recorded last Fall that was moderated by Christopher Nolan. A separate Q&A with Mann at the Toronto International Film Festival is also included.

The release follows on from director’s cuts of “Thief,” “Manhunter,” “The Last Of The Mohicans” on Blu-ray. His recent “Blackhat” had a new cut screened last year, but there’s no word on a home video release of that version as yet.