Hammer: “Call Me By Your Name 2” Unlikely

Hammer Call Me By Your Name 2 Unlikely

They have been keen on the prospect, but now those involved in 2017’s acclaimed romance coming-of-age drama “Call Me By Your Name” seem to be re-thinking the idea of doing a sequel.

Previously it was suggested filmmaker Luca Guadagnino and actors Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer would come together again for a “Before Sunrise” style deal, revisiting their Elio and Oliver characters several years down the track. The only issue seemed to be one of scheduling.

This week though, Hammer spoke to Vulture and said the film’s status is uncertain and he’s decidedly more downbeat on the idea than he has been previously:

“Timmy’s out! I’m not sure why. Timmy said the only way he’d do it is if they paid him $15 million. No, the truth is, there have been really loose conversations about it, but at the end of the day – I’m sort of coming around to the idea that the first one was so special for everyone who made it, and so many people who watched it felt like it really touched them, or spoke to them. And it felt like a really perfect storm of so many things, that if we do make a second one, I think we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. I don’t know that anything will match up to the first, you know?”

Asked about how his co-star and director feel, Hammer is unsure and still leaves the door open:

“I haven’t had that conversation with them explicitly. But I mean, look. If we end up with an incredible script, and Timmy’s in, and Luca’s in, I’d be an asshole to say no. But at the same time, I’m like, ‘That was such a special thing, why don’t we just leave that alone?’ I’m not sure that it was ever really definitely going to happen. People just seemed so excited about it that we were like, ‘Oh, yeah, f–k it! We’ll do it, sure!”

One thing that might help those involved make a decision is author Andrew Aciman whose sequel to the novel that inspired the film hits bookstores in October. Titled “Find Me,” the story is set years later with Elio now a gifted classical pianist, Oliver a New England professor with nearly fully grown sons, and Elio’s now divorced father reflecting on his life.