Halle Berry Beats Pfeiffer In Catwoman Poll

Halle Berry Beats Pfeiffer In Catwoman Poll

In perhaps the craziest story of the month, a new poll of over 2,200 adults conducted by Heat Vision about the Batman franchise has surprisingly revealed that Halle Berry has beaten out (only just) Michelle Pfeiffer in a poll asking people whom they voted as their favorite Catwoman actress.

The poll published in the trade has Berry sitting on 42% to Pfeiffer’s 41% and Anne Hathaway’s 26%. According to the results, Pfeiffer is viewed as the best in terms of ‘net favorability’ (+62 to Berry’s +53) but Berry’s performance “scored higher in terms of those describing her performance as ‘very favorable'”.

Trying to explain the results, filmmaker and critic Patrick H. Willems says: “I think the only explanation is that this comes down less to the actual films and more to people’s opinions of the actors.” Berry’s 2004 “Catwoman” solo film remains one of the worst reviewed superhero films of all time and a box-office bomb.

The poll also looked at other roles with Christian Bale (39%) and Michael Keaton (38%) neck-and-neck as the winner of “America’s Favorite Batman Actor”. Val Kilmer scored the weakest (17%) of the other three actors in the role – though they were all pretty close.

The question was also asked about whom would be a better Batman in terms of the final two candidates for Matt Reeves’ film – Robert Pattinson or Nicholas Hoult. For those aged under 30, Pattinson walked it in with 42% to Hoult’s 30%. However over 30’s ranked Hoult slightly higher – especially those aged 45-54. Pattinson ultimately won the role though.