Google Could Have Its Own Game Console

Move over Microsoft and Sony, Google is reportedly making moves to potentially enter the video game arena with a gaming platform to rival Playstation and Xbox. Kotaku reports that Google is working on a streaming device code-named Yeti with plans to first build a streaming platform, then hardware, and finally bring various game developers ‘under the Google umbrella’.

Google previously hired former video game executive Phil Harrison and has been picking up talent recently from both console manufacturers and publishers like EA. They also recently met with multiple video game companies at E3 to reportedly gauge interest in a streaming platform and/or look at development studios they could purchase in their entirety.

The site says Google is focusing almost entirely on creating a streaming platform which, if it could work, could bring high-end PC quality gaming to almost any device as all the processing would be done in the cloud. If would effectively eliminate console-dependent gaming if successful. No word as to if or when Yeti will develop beyond the mere talk it is at this point.