“Gemini Man” Can’t Show As Intended In U.S.

Gemini Man Cant Show As Intended In U S

Filmmaker Ang Lee has been pushing cinema technology forward in recent years, and his new Will Smith-led sci-fi film “Gemini Man” goes even further than before with the project being able to be released in 4K 3D and at a high frame rate (HFR) of 120fps.

Trouble is, it turns out no U.S. cinema is capable of playing the film as originally intended – only a few cinemas in Asian markets will be capable. Polygon reports that only 14 cinemas in the entire country (all AMC) will show the film in 3D and at 120fps HFR but only in 2K

Other locations will do 3D and 4K but only 60fps, some will be 2D 4K. The full list of Dolby-equipped cinemas to handle the best you can get on U.S. soil is available here.

Lee tells the outlet he understands people’s reticence: “It’s fair. People will be intimated by 3D and more data and more details. It can be scary and most people won’t try it. But it also [gave] us more material to work with.”

“Gemini Man” opens on Friday.