Garth Franklin’s Best Films of 2019

Garth Franklins Best Films Of 2019

2019 proved a very soft year for movies for me, only a handful of films really blew my socks off with most of those in limited or festival release only.

That’s not to say mainstream cinema was bad this year, far from it as the standard overall seemed to go upa notch even if few really stood out for me. Some films that got high praise like “Jojo Rabbit” and “Joker” I found myself admiring for the craft even as I felt both were overconfident misfires that had potential but lost themselves along the way.

The changing landscape this year meant more of the best films were hitting the streaming services worldwide simultaneously as opposed to being trapped in cinephile ghettos in New York or Los Angeles for months, meaning plenty of people this year got to be involved in the conversation about these films which can only be a good thing.

Today I’ve crafted my best-of list and despite my being based in Australia, I still go by U.S. release dates. The trouble there, of course, is that there’s never enough time to see everything. That means a couple of key films slipped through the cracks including: “Atlantics,” “A Hidden Life,” “Honeyland,” “The Last Black Man in San Fransisco,” “Queen & Slim,” “Uncut Gems” and “Waves”.

Check out my list below and use the comments below to indicate what you feel were the best films of 2019.