Garth Franklin’s Best Films Of 2016

2016 proved a bumper year that, though having very few true standouts, had a quite high average in terms of the quality of films in pretty much every category except for blockbusters. Animation, foreign language films, horror, animation, and dark comedy all had plenty of excellent efforts this year.

Today I’ve crafted my best of list, this year in a slightly over three-minute video form – one for review purposes only. Click on the thumbnail below to check out the video on Vimeo and please leave your feedback and what choices you would have made in the comments board below.

Despite my being based in Australia, I go by U.S. release dates which most of the site’s readership does. That means films that opened here in 2016 such as “Mustang,” “Steve Jobs,” “Chi-Raq,” “Room” or “The Hateful Eight” etc. don’t qualify. Neither does “O.J.: Made in America,” a documentary mini-series and not a film despite a festival and Oscar qualifying run blurring that line. I can’t begrudge anyone for including it, but I see it as a television work no different than the likes of “The Jinx” or Oliver Stone’s “The Untold History of the United States”.

There’s also never enough time to see everything, and so a couple of key films slipped through the cracks and weren’t under consideration including: “20th Century Women,” “Being 17,” “The Love Witch,” “A Monster Calls,” “Things to Come,” and “Voyage of Time”. Now, on with the show.