Gad Won’t Be Playing Penguin In “The Batman”

Gad Wont Be Playing Penguin In The Batman

Josh Gad has confirmed he will NOT be playing The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” feature at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Reeves’ film is coming together with Robert Pattinson set to take on the lead role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in a film that’s slated to begin production in early 2020. The film is rumored to feature multiple villains, one of whom is The Penguin.

“Frozen” and “Beauty and the Beast” star Gad took to Twitter this weekend to seriously address the rumors that he’s up for the role, ones which he’s had no small part in suggestively talking up in recent years. Gad has never confirmed or denied the rumors until today as he’s now made a stance on it:

“Ok, seeing as I keep getting this question…as much as I have LOVED torturing you all with teasing you about the Penguin, I feel like it’s time to tell you… I’m NOT actually playing this character. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fan art and the love.”

The likes of Catwoman, The Riddler, Firefly, The Mad Hatter and Two-Face have all been rumored as potential bad guys for the project which will NOT be an origin story but will show Batman in his earlier days and boast more of a noir vibe with the Caped Crusader acting like more of a detective.

“The Batman” opens in cinemas Summer 2021.