“Ford” Tops, “Angels” Bomb At Box-Office

Ford Tops Angels Bomb At Box Office

The box-office had two big openers this weekend and both went in different directions than expected.

First up, James Mangold’s “Ford vs. Ferrari” film is now looking to come in at a bit over $30 million for the three day, that’s well ahead of the $20 million that was expected and a big boost for original films at the cineplex. Critical reviews were strong, and the audience reviews are stronger with a solid A+ CinemaScore.

The same can’t be said for the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot at Sony Pictures which has bombed on impact, pulling in what looks to be a terrible $8.2 million opening for the three-day along with mixed reviews and a B+ Cinemascore. Overseas isn’t helping where the film has bombed in China with a $6 million two-day take.

The ‘Angels’ failure, in the wake of other recent bombs of refreshed old IP like “Terminator: Dark Fate” and “The Shining” sequel, have raised obvious questions as to the value of remaking even a known brand without any real obvious reason for it to happen.

Also opening this weekend was “The Good Liar,” the low-budget Mirren-McKellen vehicle arriving in eighth place with $5 million. Reviews for it were mixed-positive.

Source: Variety