First Trailer: “Earthquake Bird”

First Trailer Earthquake Bird

In her first major leading role since the “Tomb Raider” reboot, Alicia Vikander returns in the Netflix neo-noir thriller “Earthquake Bird” which hails from writer/director Wash Westmoreland (“Colette,” “Still Alice”).

Based on a novel by Susanna Jones, Vikander plays an American expat living in 1980s Tokyo who falls into a dangerous relationship with a native photographer (Naoki Kobayashi). She also meets Lily (Riley Keough), a new transplant to Japan who soon vanishes under eerie circumstances.

Vikander spends about 20% of the film speaking Japanese fluently and Jack Huston co-stars in the film which was shot on-location in Japan and at Toho Studios. The movie gets a limited release on November 1st ahead of a Netflix opening on November 15th.