“Fallout 76” Could Face Class Action Lawsuit?

Fallout 76 Gets A Live Action Trailer

Several weeks on and the release of “Fallout 76” has proven to be something of a disaster for developer Bethesda as many players who bought the critically panned game after the launch two weeks ago are reportedly demanding refunds.

Business Insider reports that players have struggled with limited gameplay and game-breaking glitches, leading waves of players to demand a full refund. The company, however, has been refusing based on their digital store policy though some players have reported that their refunds were granted by the company’s support team.

In a separate situation, players who ordered the $US200 ‘Power Armour Edition’ reported that the bundle did not ship as advertised – including a cheap nylon bag as opposed to a higher quality West Tek canvas one that was advertised – Bethesda has offered those who purchased the special edition an additional $US5 worth of in-game currency as compensation.

Their handling of the backlash has led at least one law firm in Washington, D.C. to reportedly consider a class-action lawsuit. The company has done a posting promising bug fixes and detailed improvements along with greater transparency moving forward.

Is there any good news? Fortune reports that the company has made it clear it would not stand for homophobic remarks made in its online world and have banned multiple players for life following shocking language and declaration of intent that specifically targeted the LGBTQ community.

One of the victims of the homophobic attack, in which multiple players ganged up and specifically targeted a gay player shouting over the live chat: “We’ve come to eliminate all gays. Eliminate the queers,” sought help from Bethesda on Twitter about how to report such things. The company investigated, found the ringleader of the group ‘NathanTheHicc ‘ who had proudly posted a video of the incident to his YouTube channel, and ultimately slapped lifetime ban of everyone in the group.

Source: Vice.com