Even Thor Doesn’t Know The “Endgame” End

Even Thor Doesnt Know Endgame End

The press junket for Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” has seemingly been frustrating for everyone involved. With the film only a little over a week away and still not yet screened anywhere beyond the studio itself, the secrecy surrounding what happens in it remains high.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have attested that even the film’s stars are operating somewhat in the dark about the film’s content, the actors often only given the script pages with their lines and not much else.

Appearing on The Ellen Show the other day, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth confirmed he hasn’t seen the whole film yet and still isn’t certain what we’ll see in the final product:

“It’s funny, I feel like a fan of this whole thing as much as anyone else, and I’m interested to see if I live or die or what happens to me [laughs]. I have a rough idea of what happens, but no, I have not seen the film and I really do not know how it ends.”

He also added that because Infinity War and Endgame were filmed back-to-back, with overlaps, he wasn’t really able to keep track of it all. Hemsworth also says if he survives he’d be happy to return to the MCU:

“This is sort of Marvel’s Phase Three wrapping up and culmination of all this journey, whether or not they go off and shoot other things – prequels or sequels or whatever they can do – I mean Loki (Tom Hiddleston), my brother, has come back nine times, every time he dies he just keeps appearing,” Hemsworth said. “So who knows what’s in store for anyone. Me personally, it’s the best fun I’ve ever had, and I’d be happy to do more if they wanted me. More than happy.”

This matches with recent comments by co-star Brie Larson who told The Inquirer about her filming experience:

“I flew to Atlanta for my first day on ‘Endgame’. I had no idea what I was shooting, what the movie was. I didn’t know if anybody else was in a scene with me. I didn’t know anything. And it’s not until you show up that you get your pages for the day. But you only get your part. So it was like a scene that was completely black redacted, and then just my one line.”

Much of the cast has been playing coy in regards to spoilers, so much so co-star Chadwick Boseman has famously been responding with the same answer: “I’m dead”. “Avengers: Endgame” hits cinemas on April 26th.