“Evangelion” Sets June 21st Netflix Debut

Evangelion Ultraman More Hitting Netflix

They announced its acquisition last year, now Netflix has revealed a June 21st premiere date for the entire run of iconic anime series classic “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

The streamer will have the original twenty-six episodes from 1995 along with the two films ‘Death & Rebirth’ and ‘The End of Evangelion’ which effectively replace the highly contentious last two episodes. The run does not include the recent ‘Rebuild’ films.

Creator Hideaki Anno’s wildly tone varying series dealt with teenagers piloting giant robots called ‘Evas’ against ‘Angels’ – giant monsters intent on causing a cataclysm. The series dealt with themes of existential uncertainty, religion, coming of age, familial resentment and more.

The series remains one of the most acclaimed and influential to ever come out of Japan, but finding it legally outside of its home country has been near impossible and certainly it has never come to streaming before now.