Esposito Talks “The Mandalorian” Filming Style

Esposito Talks The Mandalorian Filming Style

Production has been underway on the first live-action “Star Wars” series, “The Mandalorian,” since late last year with Jon Favreau steering the ship of the show. As previously reported, this marks the first major “Star Wars” project to film its soundstage scenes in the United States.

One of its stars, “Breaking Bad” and “Maze Runner” alum Giancarlo Esposito, spoke with Collider this week about his experience filming the show and revealed the series was shot in a way quite different to what you might expect.

Esposito says many of his scenes utilised ‘The Volume’ for production, which is essentially a large motion capture stage surrounded by green screens and filled with tracking cameras to capture human performances in a digital environment – a technique used on films ranging from “Avatar” to “Ready Player One”. However it sounds like this version of it goes further and includes more practical elements:

“Jon Favreau’s brilliant. Technically, this show has a new technology [that’s] never really [been] refined as much as it is right now. We’re in a place called The Volume, where we do most of our acting, where set pieces are brought in, where we can control the physical atmosphere of what is projected on the walls and control how gravity is; you get a feeling that gravity is being played with. This is a show that’s gonna be really fantastic.”

How this works is unclear as photos and the recent behind-the-scenes featurette screened at Star Wars Celebration confirmed the series utilises some impressive practical sets and costumes, the latter of which Esposito loved:

“I’ve got a great costume. We got great set pieces. I’m not giving anything away because [Jon Favreau] is an artist, truly an artist. [He was] working with George Lucas on this particular piece and making it a piece that we can really relate to now in our world that we’re in. Besides the fact that there are so many Star Wars fans out there that really don’t get enough of this, finally we have a [Star Wars] piece that for the first time ever is shot outside of a London studio.”

“The Mandalorian” is set to launch with the Disney+ streaming service on November 12th.