“Escape From New York” Gets A Prequel

It turns out that 20th Century Fox’s upcoming remake of John Carpenter’s 1981 cult classic “Escape From New York” isn’t a remake at all.

The Wrap and Bloody Disgusting report that the film will actually be a prequel that aims to complement the Kurt Russell-led classic.

Set in canon, they suggest the prequel is more akin to the recent “Planet of the Apes” films in that it’s setting up potentially more films that ultimately lead into the classic film. “Luther” creator Neil Cross has come onboard as writer and delivered his first draft in late October.

In this version Snake’s real name is Colonel Robert ‘Snake’ Plissken’. The villain of the piece is apparently an agrochemical and biotech corporation heir named Thomas Newton. Also New York City isn’t a maximum security prison, rather a towering city of glass controlled by an AI named April.

The world around it isn’t so serene, many are refugees. In this version Snake’s mission is to bring in Newton alive and he only has eleven hours to complete his mission. There’s also a natural disaster named Superstorm Ellery on the way.

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