Elba: “Luther” S5 will Not Be The Last

Elba Luther S5 Will Not Be The Last

With both the third and fourth season of “Luther,” those involved like star Idris Elba and creator Neil Cross have hinted at the time of airing that those seasons would likely be the final ones of the British detective drama. That didn’t end up being the case on both occasions.

So, out doing early promotion for the upcoming fifth season, Elba has changed his tune somewhat and tells Empire that the new season of four episodes “is not the end” but those episodes will result in” “some real changes that will happen”.

What those changes are he won’t say, but he does confirm a film adaptation could still happen one day and if it does: “our ambition is it falls on the scale of Se7en.” The new season doesn’t have a specific air date as yet, but is expected to hit sometime around Christmas.