Don’t Expect Much Venom In “Venom”?

While the first trailer suggested as much, a new report up at Manabyte indicates the “Venom” film won’t include the “Spider-Man” villain’s final form very much.

Tom Hardy leads the cast of the film as Eddie Brock, the man who ultimately becomes the giant-toothed Venom after joining with an alien symbiote. The film’s first teaser trailer only briefly showed an unjoined symbiote and was otherwise dubbed “Tom Hardy: The Movie” in various reactions.

Now the new report indicates the symbiote will mostly manifest itself in the film via black veins on Eddie Brock’s arms and as both tendrils and even a shield during a car chase. They add that it won’t be until the very end of the movie that the alien forms a suit around its host for the final battle against the lead villain – a scientist also infected with an alien symbiote.

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach produce the film which has no real connection to the MCU. It is slated to open October 5th.