Disney+ Will Have To Run A Starz Ad

Starz Announces Global Expansion Plans

Disney’s much-touted streaming service Disney+ launches next week, a service that was relatively quickly assembled and required various deals to be made in order for the Mouse House to get the key content back it had previously licensed out.

The Verge reports that one of those compromises that was made will see Disney+ and ESPN+ having to run ads to promote a rival, specifically the premium TV channel Starz and its SVOD service, in exchange for Disney+ to have the streaming rights to some key movies like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

These ads will appear as display banners on the login page for Disney+ and ESPN+, as well as in the Android app for the former and on internet browser pages accessing the streaming services. However, you won’t see the ads in the services themselves.

It’s not clear if overseas markets, where Starz is only partially available, will also boast the ads. Disney+ launches on November 12th.