“Deadpool” Scribes Exit The “Pirates” Reboot

In demand “Deadpool” and “Zombieland” scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have reportedly jumped ship from the planned sixth entry in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

Deadline reports that according to Disney insiders the pair of scribes are off the project and the decision now comes down to either hiring another scribe or ending the franchise for good.

Disney film production chief Sean Bailey has been very vocal about the hiring of Reese & Wernick and his hopes they would “make Pirates punk rock again” with what is intending to be at least a semi-reboot and potentially a full one.

The swashbuckler series that has grossed $4.5 billion at the worldwide box office and $2.5 billion more in global merchandise since it first set sail in 2003. However dwindling domestic box-office and the bad headlines involving Johnny Depp and diminishing returns on a series not getting any cheaper to make, have effectively scuttled the franchise as we know it.