Cox In Wolverine, Ford Out Of Indy?

Whilst talking with Jonathon Ross on the BBC, actor Brian Cox confirmed that his character from “X-Men 2” is in the “Wolverine” script.

However things may not be progressing so rosily on the production. Seems that he was asked to be in it, but “that was a while ago now, it’s completely stalled so no start date as yet”.

The film is set seventeen years in the past. As Hugh Jackman’s character doesn’t age there’s no issue there, but he expects to be the subject of the anti-aging technology used for the opening sequence of the third film if he’s a part of it.

Meanwhile in news of another high profile sequel, Monsters and Critics reports that Harrison Ford has threatened to quit the new “Indiana Jones” movie unless he gets to use a real whip.

Seems that due to safety regulations (ie. insurance wouldn’t cover him), Ford was told the weapon would have to be computer generated. Harrison apparently branded the rule “ridiculous” and said he would pull out of the film if he couldn’t wield his whip.