CoronaVirus Shuts Down U.S. China Releases

Coronavirus Shuts Down U S China Releases

It isn’t just the local industry in China that are being impacted by the coronavirus crisis, now numerous Oscar-nominated U.S. films and Hollywood tentpoles which were scheduled to open in China in February have scrapped their releases.

They join all of the local Chinese films that were scheduled for the first half of February which have also been postponed. “Jojo Rabbit,” “Little Women,” “Dolittle,” “1917” and the long-delayed “Hellboy” have all scrapped planned China theatrical runs.

“Dolittle” in particular was hoping for some success in China to offset its global losses, but that’s not going to happen now. Most of China’s 70,000 movie theaters have closed and it’s not clear when business will return to normal.

For now, both “Marriage Story” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” are still scheduled for a February 28th release in the country.

Source: THR