Cage, “Green Book” Scribe To “Double Zero”

Nic Cages Ghostland Is His Wildest Yet

Oscar-winning “Green Book” writer Nick Vallelonga is teaming with Nicolas Cage for the cop action-thriller “10 Double Zero”.

Set against the stifling heat of Louisiana, the story follows two police officers who take on a personal vendetta to hunt down cop killers. As they get closer to solving the crime, they find themselves targets of a conspiracy in the ranks of the police force and the investigation leads right back to them.

Vallelonga, Paul Sloan (“I Am Wrath”) and Christian Sesma (“Vigilante Diaries”) penned the film which Sesma will direct. Vallelonga, Mike Hatton, Jeff Bowler and Bret Saxon will produce and filming begins in July of this year.

Source: Deadline