“Bond 25” Cast Still Haven’t Seen The Script

Fiennes Dickinson Set For Kingsman Prequel

Turns out key members of the cast are as in the dark on the next James Bond film as the rest of us, even with filming to begin next month.

We know that Scott Z. Burns has been doing some last minute re-writes on the script to get it into top fighting shape with Cary Fukunaga to take on the helm in a few weeks. At last report Burns has handed in his draft but has other commitments preventing him from doing a final polish.

It might be due to those re-writes, but one thing is for sure – the supporting cast haven’t seen the script yet. Ralph Fiennes, who will return as M in the film, told BBC 2 Newsnight (via The Playlist) this week:

“I have been affectionately nudging [exec producer] Barbara Broccoli to send me a screenplay and I’m told it will be coming soon, and I know that Daniel [Craig] is playing Bond. I don’t know the name of the film, I haven’t had access to a screenplay yet. I do know they intend to film it later this year. Honestly, I’m not being coy. I don’t know when it starts or what the story is.”

This would partly explain why further casting beyond some key roles has yet to be revealed. Whenever it starts filming, the project is on track to open April 8th 2020.