Ben Foster’s “Program” Role Damaged His Body

Various actors go to extreme lengths for their craft, changing and doing things to their body for a role that can have a major impact on them either physically or psychologically for the rest of their life.

One such person is Ben Foster who went to extreme lengths to take on the role of Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frears’ “The Program”. A few weeks ago he admitted he took performance-enhancing drugs as part of his research.

Now though, speaking with The BBC at the European premiere of the film at BFI London Film Festival, Foster admits that even though he took the “all legal” drugs in a contained and doctor-supervised manner, he says that they have “definitely damaged” his body and it took him a long time to get right:

“Go faster, go longer, go stronger. That’s why you take them. And they took drugs because they work. But they also can damage the body very long-term and in very serious ways. I had a great doctor, which helped me handle some of those consequences. But it took about half a year to get my levels right, and I would say for any athlete, you have to ask, ‘Where are your values?'”

Frears himself admitted he was unaware of Foster’s drug-taking until the actor’s admission a few weeks ago. The film is currently slated for an early 2016 release in the United States.