Ben Affleck To Fill Batman’s Codpiece

From Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic, Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, to Henry Cavill as Superman – almost every announcement of male superhero casting is usually followed by at least one throwaway story about the actor apparently “overflowing his codpiece”.

It happened this week for Ben Affleck as Batman, although this one became fairly public due to the nature of how it came about. At the PGA Awards on the weekend, CBS producer Chuck Lorre relayed a story about standing next to Affleck at a urinal during the Golden Globes and saying “Yes I peeked. And yes, Comic Con, he can play Batman.”

Affleck appeared shortly after and responded to the story with good humor: “I was at the bar briefly, and I came back to my seat and somebody said, ‘You know, there was a guy up on stage who said you have a big d–k’. I was like, ‘You know, isn’t that always how is goes? The one time it happens and I miss it!’ Thank you very much. Whoever you are, God bless you. I’m often confused with Matt Damon but rarely with Michael Fassbender, so…”

Source: The Daily Mail