Ben Affleck Leads Tornado Tale “Falling”

Affleck Now Filming Addiction Drama

Ben Affleck is attached to star in the tornado drama “Falling to Earth,” an adaptation of Kate Southwood’s 2013 novel with Hillary Seitz (“Insomnia”) set to write for Bron Studios.

Set in 1925 in the small town of Marah, Illinois, a regular day turns tragedy when the worst tornado in U.S. history touches down – leaving the entire community levelled and hundreds dead. Everyone’s lives are ruined with one exception – Paul Graves and his family who haven’t lost anything.

The story then follows the Graves family in the months that follow as they come to terms with their fate and the stark contrast of their neighbors who begin to wonder, then resent them. As the town begins to recover, the family miscalculates the growing hostility around them with tragic results.

The book received great acclaim upon release. Aaron L. Gilbert will produce along with Affleck and Matt Damon’s Pearl Street Films. Affleck isn’t planning to direct at this point.

Source: THR