Bell Likes The Idea Of A Serkis-Directed “Tintin”

Actor Jamie Bell has revealed that he’s keen to work on a sequel to Spielberg’s 2011 animated feature “The Adventures of Tintin” based on the beloved Herge comics. At last report Peter Jackson had been intending to direct the sequel, but no real progress seems to have been made in the years since due to busy schedules.

Bell starred in the first film as Tintin opposite Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock and speaking with Empire magazine (via Screen Rant, Bell says he’s onboard with the idea of Serkis himself taking the helm after it was suggested to him recently:

“Someone said at the [Film Stars Dont Die In Liverpool] premiere last night, ‘Ooh maybe Andy Serkis could direct it’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god. That’s a great idea. A f–king great idea!’ I am totally down for that. I’d work, of course, with Peter again, or whoever wanted to make it. [But] working alongside Andy is always great because he’s just so talented, I’d love to do it. [Points at notebook] Write it, write it, so that it happens!”

The luxury of being a CG mocap film is the actor’s age has no impact on the final product so there is no rush to get the film out there until its ready. The first film boasted solid reviews and made $374 million worldwide.