Banderas, Baldwin Are Rivals In “Lamborghini”

Antonio Banderas will play auto magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini opposite Alec Baldwin as rival Enzo Ferrari in an untitled feature for Ambi Media Group.

Based on a biographical novel by Ferruccio’s son Tonino Lamborghini, which Ambi scored the film rights to in 2015, the project will be shot primarily in Italy under the title “Lamborghini – The Legend”.

The film story follows the launch of Lamborghini’s career as a manufacturer of tractors, a creator of military vehicles during World War II, and the designer of Lamborghini cars, which he launched in 1963 as the high-end sports car company. He died in 1993.

Michael Radford (“The Postman”) will direct from a script by Bobby Moresco (“Crash,” “Million Dollar Baby”).

Source: Variety