Apple TV+ Shows Won’t Criticise China

Apple Tv Shows Wont Criticise China

Apple wants in on the Chinese market and is very much willing to play by the rules to get it according to a new Buzz Feed News report.

The outlet says producers and filmmakers that have recently signed deals with Apple for original content for the upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service have been given strict warning – none of the content on the service will portray China in a bad light.

The report states the movie is “part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to remain in China’s good graces after a 2016 incident in which Beijing shut down Apple’s iBooks Store and iTunes Movies six months after they debuted in the country.”

Apple got into a bit of a PR debacle last week following the withdrawal of an app that let Hong Kong’s citizens track protest trouble spots. The move was seen as one to appease the Middle Kingdom, but it has triggered a minor geopolitical debate in the process about profits vs. politics.

Apple TV+ launches on November 1st.