Apes Early Box-Office, No Third Film Talk Yet

Tracking figures for this weekend’s release of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” indicates the sequel could open to around $60 million, putting it just ahead of the reboot of the series “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” which opened to $54 million in 2011.

Yet those tracking figures are just guesses. The first actual data is now in with last night’s late preview screenings pulling in $4.1 million – far ahead of the $1.3 million Thursday night previews of the previous ‘Apes’ film. Buoyed by excellent reviews and a lack of competing major tentpoles at the cinema right now, could the new ‘Apes’ open to above $60 million? We’ll have a better idea tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there’s still no word from Fox regarding a further sequel in the series just yet. One of the film’s writers, Rick Jaffa, told Heat Vision this week: “There haven’t been formal discussions with the creative group, but Amanda and I definitely have thoughts, and I’m sure (director) Matt (Reeves) has thoughts and (screenwriter) Mark Bomback, who we share a credit with on Dawn ,and our producers.”