Ang Lee On High Frame Rates & “Billy Lynn”

Ang Lee On High Frame Rates Billy Lynn

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee has spent much of the last few years doing films that were more about pushing the technology creating them to new heights rather than the technology servicing a good story told well.

Both “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” and the upcoming “Gemini Man” have been dismissed by critics, even as both pushed high frame rate (HFR) technology of 120 frames per second (as opposed to the usual 24 frames per second) and 3D and all in 4K.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Lee explains he’s intent to keep pushing filmmaking’s limits even if he takes a critical beating in the process. He says: “I was proud of [‘Billy Lynn’]. But I got beat and that’s hard to swallow. I want to figure it out this time. I want to make it work and prove I was right, like anybody would.”

He then explains that audiences have been “brainwashed” to feel that conventional 24fps frame rates is the only way to go and he wants to prove that 120fps is the future. However, he admits he’s working against the clock:

“It’s hard to keep that creativity going. Energy and stamina and freshness relate to youth. I use the material to force me in new directions. My first thought when I saw this technology was: ‘I wish I was 20 years younger.’ I know I’m gonna get beat up. But I have to keep trying. I’m carrying a torch for the next level of filmmakers.”

“Gemini Man” arrives in theaters this Friday.