And The New Pope Is…Marilyn Manson

Director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s hallucinogenic western “El Topo”, made back in the 1960’s but almost never seen outside of cult circles, is finally getting a remastered re-release in theatres this month along with a coinciding DVD box set release.

Sitting down with Premiere Magazine, Jodorowsky also talked about a gangster movie he has in the works entitled “King Shots” which will star Nick Nolte and feature Marilyn Manson in the role of a 300-year-old Pope.

He describes the plot as “Set at a casino in the middle of the desert and all the gangsters come to gamble. In the desert they find the skeleton of a giant man as big as King Kong”.

Locations wise he hopes to shoot in Romania and “in the desert in Spain where [Sergio] Leone shot his pictures”.