Amazon Is Getting Into Game Streaming?

Amazon Is Getting Into Game Streaming

Amazon is reportedly planning to announce its own cloud gaming service next year, one that could well be integrated into Twitch reports CNet (via The Verge).

Amazon Web Services currently powers much of the internet, including major game titles like “Fortnite,” which means Amazon already has plenty of infrastructure and streaming ability in place for a reliable cloud gaming service.

Should it go forward it would join a swarm of services either currently available – like PlayStation Now and the just launched Google Stadia – along with others on the way including Microsoft’s Project xCloud, EA’s Project Atlas, a form of Steam cloud gaming rumored to be in the works, a Nintendo one which has been testing in Japan, and talk of Verizon and Walmart possibly entering the fray as well.

No word on a potential date, peripherals or potential launch games at this point.