Amazon Dumps Woody Allen’s “Rainy Day”

Amazon Dumps Woody Allens Rainy Day

Amazon Studios has returned U.S. domestic rights for the indie film “A Rainy Day in New York” back to the film’s director and producer Woody Allen.

The news explains why Allen was able to release a trailer for the Elle Fanning and Timothee Chalamet-led drama on his Facebook page last week in which he said it was ‘coming soon’.

The film has been stuck in legal mess with his former creative partners at Amazon, but Allen is now free to proceed with a domestic release elsewhere. ‘Rainy’ already has distribution set for several international territories including France, Italy and Germany.

Whether an American distributor will take up the project, that’s not clear as since misconduct accusations against the director resurfaced he has been effectively blacklisted by Hollywood.

Source: Indiewire