Abrams On “Last Jedi” Haters & Misogynists

Shortly headed for home video release, Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” remains one of the most divisive entries in the series, taking chances and stretching beyond the usual formula for these sorts of films.

J.J. Abrams takes over the franchise for the next entry, with his “Star Wars: Episode IX” capping off the trilogy he began. Quite a few haters of ‘Last Jedi’ seemed to take comfort in the news of his return, but in a new interview with Indiewire he’s revealed that he’s not fazed by it and has even less time for those few misogynist fans out there using the Internet and the film as a platform to spread their hate:

“Star Wars is a big galaxy, and you can sort of find almost anything you want to in Star Wars. If you are someone who feels threatened by women and needs to lash out against them, you can probably find an enemy in Star Wars. You can probably look at the first movie that George (Lucas) did and say that Leia was too outspoken, or she was too tough. Anyone who wants to find a problem with anything can find the problem. The internet seems to be made for that.

There’s a lot that I would like to say about it, but I feel like it’s a little early to be having the Episode IX conversation… I will say that the story of Rey and Poe and Finn and Kylo Ren – and if you look, there are three men and one woman, to those that are complaining that there are too many women in Star Wars – their story continues in a way that I couldn’t be more excited about and cannot wait for people to see.

I think everyone is going to have their point of view. Certainly, something I discovered early on in the Star Wars world, is that you’re going to have an incredibly passionate and vocal fan base, and they’re all going to have a lot of specific opinions.”

For the full interview, head to Indiewire. Abrams begins filming the new entry this summer ahead of its December 2019 release.