The “Shaft” Reboot To Be More Comedic

Filmmaker Tim Story (“Ride Along,” 2005’s “Fantastic Four”) popped up at Showtime’s Television Critics Association party this week due to his involvement in Jay Pharoah’s new series “White Famous”.

Whilst there, he spoke with Slashfilm about how his planned remake of “Shaft” is progressing. Story signed on to the project back in January and confirms that his take on the material isn’t a serious drama (ala the John Singleton-directed, Samuel L. Jackson-led 2000 version), rather it’s more comedic:

“My Shaft movie is going to be definitely not straight action. We’re going action-comedy or comedy-action, I’m not exactly sure which one comes first. We’re going to definitely make sure the stakes in the world are real, and then you’ve got these characters who are dealing with kind of a father/son situation, we’re going to see them put a family back together.”

Story adds that his script includes a powerful female character, namely the mother to his son who can hold her own against the character. No production or release date for the new “Shaft” is set as yet.