Soderbergh On “Kafka” Recut & Scrapped “Knick”

Doing an early promotional round for “Logan Lucky,” filmmaker Steven Soderbergh participated in a Reddit AMA this afternoon and revealed that he hopes to finish his years in the works re-cut of his 1991 Jeremy Irons feature “Kafka”. Soderbergh said during the chat “I’m in the midst (if you can call fifteen years of work “midst”) of a radical KAFKA overhaul, which I really want to finish by the end of the year.”

Soderbergh has previously said he was frustrated with the film and the mixed-to-negative reaction when it came out, and so has been trying to completely rethink it in the hopes of at least turning it into something more unified and “I’d like to make it a little more abstract and more of a hardcore art movie.”

The filmmaker also teased a return to the same territory that his thriller “Side Effects” explored, dubbed “Get Out” the best film of the year so far, and most exciting discussed his idea for a third season of his cancelled period medical series “The Knick”.

Soderbergh’s plan was to reboot the series with a new cast, setting and potentially get a new filmmaker for the third season, and he drew up a pitch for Cinemax – which they passed on. He did offer a bit of detail though:

Season three of THE KNICK was set in 1947 and was going – at my absolute insistence – to be shot in anamorphic black-and-white. It’s POSSIBLE that may have contributed to its demise.

I miss everything about working on THE KNICK. I was terrified before we began because the schedule was so aggressive, but we found a rhythm very quickly and even though both seasons were shot in 73 days, the second season seemed to go REALLY fast.”

Soderbergh’s “Logan Lucky” opens on August 18th.