Soderbergh On “Kafka” Recut & Scrapped “Knick”

Doing an early promotional round for “Logan Lucky,” filmmaker Steven Soderbergh participated in a Reddit AMA this afternoon and revealed that he hopes to finish his years in the works re-cut of his 1991 Jeremy Irons feature “Kafka”. Soderbergh said during the chat “I’m in the midst (if you can call fifteen years of work “midst”) of a radical KAFKA overhaul, which I really want to finish by the end of the year.”

Soderbergh has previously said he was frustrated with the film and the mixed-to-negative reaction when it came out, and so has been trying to completely rethink it in the hopes of at least turning it into something more unified and “Iā€™d like to make it a little more abstract and more of a hardcore art movie.”

The filmmaker also teased a return to the same territory that his thriller “Side Effects” explored, dubbed “Get Out” the best film of the year so far, and most exciting discussed his idea for a third season of his cancelled period medical series “The Knick”.

Soderbergh’s plan was to reboot the series with a new cast, setting and potentially get a new filmmaker for the third season, and he drew up a pitch for Cinemax – which they passed on. He did offer a bit of detail though:

Season three of THE KNICK was set in 1947 and was going ā€“ at my absolute insistence ā€“ to be shot in anamorphic black-and-white. It’s POSSIBLE that may have contributed to its demise.

I miss everything about working on THE KNICK. I was terrified before we began because the schedule was so aggressive, but we found a rhythm very quickly and even though both seasons were shot in 73 days, the second season seemed to go REALLY fast.”

Soderbergh’s “Logan Lucky” opens on August 18th.