“Shazam” Costume Spotted… From The Back?

A Reddit poster has posted what appears to be the first look at Zachary Levi shooting a scene for the Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films “Shazam” movie in full costume.

However the actor is facing away from the camera for the shot so it’s not fully confirmed if it’s him or a stand in, but Mark Strong being nearby on the left (he plays the film’s villain) suggests it’s Levi. The costume itself seems accurate to both the New 52 comics version and recent descriptions by those who’ve seen it.

The film’s director David Sandberg has hinted that the first official photos of Levi in the outfit are set to be released very soon with Warners essentially holding onto the reveal for as long as they can. The cat may be out of the bag now though.

“Shazam” is in production now ahead of an April 2019 release.