Roger Donaldson To Helm “Jena Six”

“Dante’s Peak” and “The Bank Job” helmer Roger Donaldson is attached to direct the independent drama “Jena Six” which begins production in April in New Orleans.

The title refers to six black high school students in a small Louisiana town who were initially charged with attempted murder in a 2006 attack on a white student following a series of racially charged incidents at the school.

The victim of the attacks was treated at an emergency room for several hours and attended a high school dance that evening. One of the six teens was convicted by an all-white jury and faced a sentence of up to 22 years.

News of the conviction sparked outrage and a civil rights demonstration drew more than 15,000 protesters to Jena and was attended by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III.

Jonathan Amaret penned the script and will produce with Dawn Krantz.

Source: Variety