MoviePass Blocks Out Select “Sparrow” Screenings

MoviePass is under fire from its subscribers who have discovered their ticket mobile app doesn’t allow them the opportunity to buy tickets to “Red Sparrow” in venues in several key U.S. markets while all other titles are available to purchase.

Queried by several press outlets, the company says it “occasionally removes some films from our ticketing inventory in some markets for a limited time” as part of both testing and to promote films with which they have studio partners.

In other words this blocking appears to be part of, as Deadline puts it, hardball negotiation tactics to get exhibitor and studios to provide a share of ticket and concession revenues and/or sponsorship deals.

“Red Sparrow” is expected to open to $20 million, meaning the lack of MoviePass access isn’t slowing down ticket sales. MoviePass’ CEO recently claims his company will top 5 million subscribers by 2019.