Moviegoers Demand Fewer Pre-Show Trailers

Moviegoers Demand Fewer Pre Show Trailers

A new poll conducted by Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter indicates that nearly 60% of people would prefer fewer trailers to play in front of a film at the cinema.

At present, national theater chains like AMC, Regal and Cinemark average between 5-8 trailers before a motion picture along with concession promos, safety instructions and third-party ads.

According to the survey, 59% of responders said that 1-3 trailers were ideal, while 21% prefered 4-6, 5% would prefer no trailers and only 3% liked 7 or more.

ArcLight chain scores top marks for limiting its pre-show to seven minutes, or around an average of three trailers, while AMC fares the worst with 20 minutes of pre-show trailers and ads.