McQuarrie’s Art Lives In “The Star Wars” Reel

When it comes to the original “Star Wars” trilogy, one of the most iconic things about it are the designs inspired by Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art.

Back when George Lucas was trying to get his “The Star Wars” project approved, he enlisted McQuarrie’s help to illustrate several key scenes from the script which helped get the film made.

Subsequently Lucas re-wrote a bunch of his script and whicch led to some of the designs being changed, however the look and feel of the “Star Wars” universe was truly defined by that earlier artwork despite the cosmetic alterations.

Now, a group of student filmmakers from the DAVE School in Orlando, Florida recently created a concept trailer that brought McQuarrie’s classic illustrations to life and showed us a version of “Star Wars” we could have seen.

Check out the impressive work below: