Johnson Could Get $25M For “Red Notice”

Dwayne Johnson is reportedly looking to score up to $25 million for the action comedy “Red Notice” which is the subject of a bidding war between Legendary, New Line, Paramount, Sony and Universal.

Competition for the project is fierce, so much so that Johnson’s fee crossed the $20M mark earlier today and could go as high as $25M depending on how the bidding plays out. Rawson Marshall Thurber, who helmed the upcoming Johnson film “Skyscraper,” will write and direct and could himself receive $10 million for the privilege.

Red Notice refers to the highest and most serious of the eight INTERPOL notices (essentially their ‘Defcon 1’) and concerns the arrest of wanted criminals. Johnson would play a man who works for the international police agency. The film’s budget is said to be between $125-150 million.

Johnson, Beau Flynn, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia will produce. Johnson is coming off the success of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” which stands at $859 million worldwide to date. Johnson received a fee in the ‘high-teen millions’ for that.

Johnson has “Rampage” opening April 20th, “Skyscraper” on July 13th, and will film “Jungle Cruise” in the Spring.

Source: Heat Vision