“Iron Fist” Scores Big On Netflix

Marvel and Netflix’s “Iron Fist” was under heavy scrutiny even before it went into production as reports were that Marvel was having a difficult time adapting the source material and floated the idea of a truncated short season.

Ultimately they stuck with the thirteen episode run that they gave all their other series collaborations together, and the results premiered on the service on Friday. Critics have torn the series apart in recent weeks, though audience reaction seems to have been kinder.

Either way though, the negative attention has not had seemingly much of an impact on the show’s numbers as Parrot Analytics (via Inverse) reports that it has become the streaming giant’s second biggest Marvel series to date.

The analytics firm calculates the series earned 63.2 million ‘demand expressions’ in its first three days – that’s less than the 69 million of “Luke Cage” but ahead of both “Jessica Jones” (51m) and “Daredevil” (23m).

Netflix doesn’t release official stats regarding the ratings of its various series.