Howard Teases Fan Faves In “Han Solo”

Though the “Star Wars” expanded universe has effectively been removed from official canon, Ron Howard has revealed that two beloved characters from that era of storytelling are coming back and will appear in the upcoming “Han Solo” spin-off film.

Those characters? The hapless comic duo of Tag and Bink. Based on the Tom Stoppard play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,” Kevin Rubio’s original “Tag and Bink Are Dead” short comic book series was published in the early 2000s and followed a pair of rebels on their own personal adventure.

It’s an adventure that just happens to cross over with many of the major characters and events of the previous trilogies. In the photo though it looks as though the pair are going undercover as Imperial officers.

In the wake of the tweet, Rubio responded on Twitter – he was seemingly unaware his creations were going to be in the film and was most excited. He quickly scored a reply from the film’s screenwriter Jon Kasdan who confirmed that not only did he put Tag and Bink in the movie but that he and assistant director Toby Hefferman are playing the roles.

Because of this, it’s expected the appearance will only be cameos or walk-on appearances as opposed to even minor characters in the film. The “Han Solo” film opens in May next year.