How The Late Paul Newman Returns For “Cars 3”

One of the unexpected inclusions when the voice cast for “Cars 3” was announced was that of the late, great Paul Newman. Newman, who passed away in 2008, played Doc Hudson in the original 2006 “Cars” film.

When the full trailer came out for “Cars 3” last week, Newman’s voice popped up and featured new dialogue – indicating this wasn’t a credits misprint or a voice impersonator. The film’s director Brian Fee recently sat down with Cinema Blend and explained where that new dialogue came from and just how Newman will appear in “Cars 3”:

“The Paul Newman voice you hear in that trailer is not actually in the film. There’s other Paul Newman stuff in the film. That was for the trailer. But we have lots of Paul Newman in the movie which was because when John [Lasseter] was recording Paul Newman in ‘Cars 1’ John always kept the tape [running]…we were always recording and Paul would tell stories in between takes and John just like [twirling motion with hand] ‘keep it going.’ We had 28 hours of Paul Newman stuff that we were able to listen to and repurpose.”

In fact, Fee explains that the relationship between Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson is a key part of the new movie, indicating some careful scripting was required to make use of the existing dialogue they had from both their own tapings along with additional recordings they obtained from the Newman Foundation.

“Cars 3” will reportedly contain four racing legend characters who knew and worked with the Hudson Hornet in the past. Pixar chief John Lasseter reportedly set an edict for the producers to stick to: “you’re not doing a soundalike for Paul Newman… figure it out”. Seems like they did.

“Cars 3” is slated to open in cinemas in June.