Heaps Of New “Justice League” Details

A whole bunch of set visit reports from numerous outlets have just gone online regarding Zack Snyder’s currently in production “Justice League” film. There’s a lot to breakdown from these reports, but to save you time here’s the cliff notes take of all the key information:

The production has a 111-day shoot and is approaching the 40 or so day mark at this point. Shooting will continue in London until September and then they go to Los Angeles and another still to be determined location with the main shoot scheduled to wrap in October. It is shot on film, but not IMAX, and Junkie XL is doing the score on his own.

Events take place several months after ‘Dawn of Justice’ and the tone is decidedly lighter with plenty of moments of levity and a fun sensibility. The theme is almost the opposite of ‘Dawn’ – it’s about learning to trust people. Whereas ‘Dawn’ had a heavy Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ influence, Zack Snyder says this film is most influenced by Jack Kirby’s “New Gods”. The main thing they learned from BvS is that “people don’t like their heroes deconstructed.”

Despite the two part title, the production team is acting like this is just one movie with producer Deborah Snyder confirming “it’s not a two-part movie”. Thins are still very much on track for a second JL film though on the date they have scheduled.

Speaking about continuity, she says: “All the films kind of fit in a timeline, but they’re independent films. You can see one and not need to see the other. They operate on their own. They all have their own tone and they deal with different characters. Yet they’re all in the same filmic universe and there is little bits of crossovers that we see. But that isn’t essential to the story.”

There’s no comment on how Superman fits in, but it sounds like he doesn’t come back into play until at least the halfway point. Zack Snyder says they have yet to film a scene with all the members of the Justice League together.

Steppenwolf is the villain, but they locked down a contract yet so couldn’t say who will play him. The Parademons, seen in the nightmare sequence in ‘Dawn,’ reportedly play a much bigger part here. Willem Dafoe plays Vulko, an Atlantean from an earlier generation than Aquaman and we will see Atlantis in different time periods. Deb Snyder confirms that Amber Heard is still playing Mera.

The macguffins that have been rumored are confirmed – three Mother Boxes. One is with humans (and created Cyborg), one with the Amazonians and one with the Atlanteans. Each have distinct symbols and colors (one’s red, one silver, one brown). There will be a prologue/history lesson scene likely dealing with how the Motherboxes came to Earth. Deborah Snyder confirms Zeus has a small part in this scene.

One scene being shot that day has Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons), boasting a design exactly like the comics, standing by the Bat-signal on a rooftop alongside Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman with Cyborg later joining the scene and revealing that the head of S.T.A.R. Labs has been taken.

Another scene shown in near-completed form sounds like one where Batman recruits the Flash. Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is sitting in the apartment of Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) who comes home. After some banter, Bruce throws a Batarang at him. The Flash slows down time, catches and examines it only to make the realisation Wayne is Batman. As things return to real time Bruce says, “so you’re fast” and Barry says “so you’re Batman?”. Barry is also overly keen to be a part of Bruce’s group. In fact, a Vulture reporter has gone so far as to recreate this scene entirely in screenplay format.

“Justice League” is currently targeting a November 2017 release.

Source: Collider