HBO Close To “Westworld” Renewal

Having renewed several of its high-profile shows for a second season before changing their minds and axing them, HBO is playing it more cautious with its current sci-fi/western smash “Westworld”.

HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys spoke with Variety and explained the reason why he’s held off on handing out a renewal for a second season of the show:

“I want to get a very complete picture of the ratings, which seem to be doing very well, so we’re happy with that. [The executive producers are] going to talk to us about what they envision a second season being. But right now I would say it’s looking really good. We’re very pleased with how it’s doing.”

The show has been generating good buzz and has so far delivered solid ratings, but its $100 million first season expense means the network is understandably being cautious before committing to such a large investment again.

The series reaches its halfway point tonight with the fifth episode, and Bloys says not only with the finale blow people away but that some of the fan theories floating around out there aren’t far off the money:

“There are a lot of theories out there, and with some of them, I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve constructed the guesses. I’ll just say, they’re getting close…. I think people will get the answers they’re looking for by the end of season 1. A lot of the ones that people are buzzing about, I think you will get — I don’t know if ‘answers’ is the right word, but maybe it’s ‘satisfaction.’ You’ll see how Ford and the Man in Black play out by the end, story-wise.”

“Westworld” airs Sundays on HBO.