Gunn Hopes For First “Guardians” Re-Release

Gunn Hopes For First Guardians Re Release

While Marvel Studios has ‘re-released’ its two Summer tentpoles this year already, the studio hasn’t really done a full re-release of one of its past films. One person whom would love to do that if given the chance though is filmmaker James Gunn who wants to put the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” back in cinemas with new footage.

Speaking on Twitter recently, a fan asked about songs that the filmmaker considered to use in his movies but didn’t get the chance to. He says he’s been able to license every song he’s sought, though the price tag for using Three Dog Night’s “Never Been to Spain” was so high it “scared me off from even considering it”.

He then goes on to say: “notoriously, both Pilot’s ‘Magic’ and ELO’s ‘Livin’ Thing’ sequences were cut from the first film (I regret cutting the Livin’ Thing montage, actually).” Gunn then made it clear he wants to see that footage put back in the movie: “It’s a dream of mine to do a rerelease of GotG Vol 1 with Livin’ Thing and a couple of other small additions.” In the same tweet, the filmmaker actually tagged Marvel Studios.

He also says there’s one song he never intends to use – “Dancing in the Moonlight” – mainly because too many people are asking for it: “I’m asked to include this song BY FAR more than any other. And this predictability is precisely why I’d never use it. In general, I’d rather be in the business of giving folks the thing they want that they don’t know they want rather than just the thing they know they want.”

Gunn is busy prepping to shoot “The Suicide Squad” but will then segue into “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” which has not yet set a release date but is widely expected to be one of the early ‘Phase 5’ films with a 2022 launch planned – eight years after the first hit cinemas.

Gunn also says his “The Suicide Squad” will have key use of music, but “it will be a lot different than Guardians musically – and in so many other ways.”